The Best Payment Methods to Use While Shopping Online

Today, the craze of online shopping has sky-rocketed like anything. Everyone is addicted to online shopping.In case your wallet is empty, you might be tempted every once in a while to go online and visit your favourite e-commerce portal to check out what’s new and you immediately add these products to your wish list. What is the best way to go about with the payments? Let us discuss about the best payment methods to buy from best deals websites.

Different Types of Payment Options

Apparently, if you are an online customer, then you are an expert. You know that the basic payment methods are COD (Cash on Delivery), net banking, coupons, payment gateway, debit cards and credit cards.

Cash on Delivery : A Notion

Now let us understand this in detail.Gone are the days when people thought that COD is the best way to pay, but remember cash handling is always quite clumsy. The fact is that in order to buy something or to receive product, you need to have cash in your hand.In case the product is quite pricy, then you may need to rush to the ATM to get the cash.


Debit Cards:Next to the Best

The fact behind paying through debit card is that the money you make a purchase. You go short on liquidity and you lose the money. Yes, the fact is that you will be receiving the product is future but till then you are quite short of liquidity and you never know when you may need money for emergency.


A Strong Advice

It is strongly recommended that you while using your debit card on any site check the authenticity of portal. Because with the surging online market, many fraud sites showcase themselves as the best deals websites and grab a lot of eye balls. There have been many cases where people have lost their had earned money. Therefore, try your card only on popular sites.

Coupons and Payment gateways

If you have coupons, then it is ideal to use them while making a purchase as most of the coupons are valid for a certain period of time so it would be wise if you can use them as soon as possible. Other option is the payment gateways, in case you have some online discounts or cash lying on payment gateway it would be an ideal channel to purchase, because you are utilizing something which is not in liquid form with you.


Credit card- The best way

While you make purchase through credit card which is the most ideal way, you are not going to lose instant liquidity from your account. These days, the banks also offer credit card with longer period for repayment. Moreover, you can get tremendous benefits like EMI conversions, points that you can encash it on later purchases, you may get the benefits from points on buying petrol and dining.


So as now you all are experts, it’s your call now. The duty of the article is to help you to take a decision and its hoped that the next time make a purchase you will take an ideal step forward.

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