Benefits of Using Dominos Online Coupons

Dominos Pizza India Private Ltd. was incorporated in India in 1995 and since the opening of their first outlet in Delhi in 1996 they have been serving pizzas to delighted customers day after day to be ranked today as one of the top pizza distribution franchises in the country. Located near Ann Arbour, Michigan and founded in 1960, the pizza giant has grown to dominate the world as the number one international pizza franchise with over 10,000 franchise stores in 70 countries.

After expanding to India in 1995, Dominos began creating the pizza culture here with its first store in Delhi, which opened doors in 1996. In the month of January, 2016 Domino’s Pizza opened its 1000th outlet in the country, marking its achievement as India’s biggest and most loved pizza franchise.

But that’s really enough about the company. If you’re reading this, the Domino’s lover in you is right now craving a 9” medium pizza with a cheese burst filling. So, for the Foodie in you, here’s why you should buy your Dominos pizza online.


  1. Pizza Customization – My favorite feature in the website – it is an absolute delight to see how your pizza is going to look and taste and actually be a part of making it, using the Dominos online pizza customization tool before you order.
  2. Don’t Have to Wait – No more waiting on the phone while the call is being routed through customer service; with the website and app ordering system, your pizza is quite literally clicks away
  3. Dominos Coupons – Not only does Domino’s offer you online delivery, but also offer it at a discount! Try using the coupon code DHH50 to get a 50% off on your pizza from 11 am to 5 pm every day (minimum bill Rs.300) or Put in the code NET09 to get Garlic Bread and Dip free on any order of Rs.350 or above! You can get more such coupon codes from Couponhaat.

Also, if you haven’t yet, try the new domino cheese crunch pizza – less cheese than the cheese burst, but a far more satisfying cheese to bread ratio.

Speaking on the offers given by the company, a Domino’s spokesperson said – “The love for quality is universal. We love our public and know that they love our food, so we always try to give them a little extra value for their purchase, be it by coupon or cashback”

And Domino’s does not disappoint. As a restaurant, they keep bringing newer additions to India’s “pizza culture” and as a delivery service you will be hard pushed to find one better.

Domino’s Pizza is the world’s number one international pizza franchise. Having licensed master franchises in 70 countries and networking well over 10000 franchise stores, its online order fulfillment system has been satisfying bellies in India since 2012.

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